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SketchUpArtists Spotlight – software is primarily designed to feature articles on developers and their software that have quickly become of the the mainstay of many parts of the design industry and those with new exciting and innovative software.

  • Twinmotion Real-time Rendering for Landscape & Garden Design Coupled with SketchUp Pro you will have all the tools required for communicating creative vision to clients.

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  • PlaceMaker for SketchUP For Modeling, Design and Rendering, PlaceMaker gives you an INSTANT 3D City Builder.

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  • Raylectron V3 for SketchUp – the latest SoftByte Labs have just released their latest version of Raylectron. We interviewed John Friesen, Project Manager at SoftByte Labs, on whats new and grilled him on their latest lab creation.

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  • Thea for SketchUp: the people and the plugin Solid Iris (the folks behind Kerkythea and Thea Render Studio) have been busying themselves over the past few months, having successfully updated their latest render plugin….read the latest on the new plugin…looks like rendering just got easier.

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  • Raylectron – interview with Jack Martin Another new render plug-in is making the headlines, we went to find out all about it!An interview with Jack Martin,Business Manager for SoftByte Labs.

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  • Maxwell for Google SketchUp – Interview with Jeremy Hill & Juan Cañada We recently had the oportunity to throw a few questions at some of the team working behind the scenes at Next Limit Technologies, to see what is so different about this rendering plug-in. Why choose Maxwell for Google SketchUp?…..lets find out.

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  • Interview – Dale Martens and Artisan – organic SketchUp? SketchUpArtists managed to grab an interview recently with Dale, the creator of Artisan, and gently ‘grilled’ him on Artisan’s abilities as a sculpting plug-in alternative for SketchUp and what his plans were for the future development of this ground breaking organic toolset for Google SketchUp.

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  • David Thoiron and FotoSketcher We recently had the opportunity to speak withDavid Thoiron, creator of  FotoSketcher, a free program which has the ability to convert your digital images into art automatically using fully adjustable filters. David gave us a brief insight into his background and the development of his software. There is also a collection of great FotoSketcher images by some talented 3D artists and modelers with their particular settings used to create some pretty cool images.
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4 Responses to “Software & Plugins”

  1. Oezer on February 28th, 2017 11:30 am


    we have just released our alpha version for SketchUp, Enscape offers a real-time rendering and visualization. We previously released for Autodesk Revit and now want to present it to the SketchUp community, can you please tell me how we can do this over your site?


  2. admin on March 22nd, 2017 2:08 pm

    @ Oezer Pls contact me by email. We can discuss further.

  3. Tony on February 22nd, 2018 4:35 pm


    Just came across your site and floored by the detail! congrats!

    Question for you, i use Sketchup Pro and considered an intermediate user and dabbling in the idea of a rendering program. So far looking at SketchFX and Podium as leading the way for me, however i am also dabbling with GIMP for possibly photo editing, I realize this is a free download and maybe not as sophisticated as Photoshop etc, but does anyone have any thoughts on the use of this program for Sketchup manipulation or is there anyone out there using this with Sketchup?

  4. Software Engineering on April 6th, 2018 8:58 pm

    Thank you for this interesting post, I have shared iit on Twitter.

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