PlaceMaker – the Instant 3D City Builder

You have a tighter budget, a shorter deadline and clients who want to implement changes immediately to their designs. There is a solution that will not only save you time, but will also increase your productivity with a simple desk top plug in…PlaceMaker for Modeling, Design and Rendering.

PlaceMaker is a SketchUp plugin that allows you to import high resolution aerials, 3D buildings, parametric 3D roads and even bodies of water and trees. It has the ability to texture buildings using Google Street View. Essentially, it allows you to select a region of terrain and then extract information from the Digital Globe database to create the 3D shapes. It will save you hours of work and and create instant 3D cities from around the world.

Import High resolution aerial directly into SketchUp to use as your base.


Insert 3D building massing models for select locations and cities.

3D Buildings

Place 3D roads, walks, paths and water into your model. All objects are modeled and render ready.

Roads and Paths

PlaceMaker will model and drape buildings, 3D roads and paths directly onto terrain.

Model on Terrain

Use the Export to Revit function and import your model into Revit.

Export to Revit

Create instant site base files to use for modeling, design and rendering.

Instant Site Base

PlaceMaker was designed by a respected and established Landscape Architect; as a desktop plugin for SketchUp, that gives you an INSTANT 3D City Builder at your fingertips. So, that 40 hours of work that you have ahead of you, just got cut down to 4 minutes!

PlaceMaker works with any city, any aerial, any road or path on Terrain. PlaceMaker saves you time. Time is money. So, go on, check it out and see how PlaceMaker will simplify your work load and free up some of your time.

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