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SketchUpArtists Spotlight – the modeler is primarily designed to feature articles on you the modeler and for those of us looking for inspiration. Whether it is through an interview, a case study or simply to display some of your outstanding work, you will be in the Spotlight!

  • Adam Warner is a full time Architectural Illustrator and Intern Interior Designer at Desmone & AssociatesArchitects. Adam received his B.S. in Interior Design from LaRoche College, where he was recognized as a top contender for the 2009 Interior Design Educational Achievement Award. As an Architectural Illustrator, Adam specializes in computer rendering and 3D animation. Check out Identity Nightclub!
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  • Ricardo Cossoli is a student of architecture and CAD designer working for the architectural visualization company Three Dimensions. He and his partner work  together, examining projects, plans, modeling to the last detail. They make the respective renders and their services today are focused on creating architectural photo realistic images, from modeling to the final stage, whatever the type or scope of project they try to do it as professionally as they can for the benefit of  future reference.
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  • Jacques Cleghorn better know as ’silver_shadow’ does full time  3D design work for the firm MLB Architects in Cape Town, South Africa. Jacques has  been working with Google SketchUp for a number of  years now and is running the 3D department side of the office. He does mostly medium to large scale developments.  The way his firm uses SketchUp is purely for design purposes, to aid them in what has been drawn in 2D basically.
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  • Pepe’s choice of models and especially his amazing application of textures and photo matching has left us speechless. Here is a sample of some of his work. These great models and much more are all available for download.
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One Response to “3D Modelers”

  1. Garrett Singer on October 1st, 2016 7:10 pm

    I’m looking to hire someone to help my firm with a presentation i have due in 2 weeks for restaurant project. The model is fully built in skecthup and we now need to add lighting and modify our materials. We have for years we done all of the renderings ourselves using AutoCad to model and an add on Accurender/NXT. We were self taught and were pretty decent with it. The rest of our office wanted to switch to SketchUp, but now we don’t have anyone who can render and we aren’t sure which software to invest in. We know NXT, but here great things about Vray.

    SOS we need some one to either help render or provide some teaching ASAP.

    Garrett Singer

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