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SketchUpArtist’s Spotlight – the artist is primarily designed to feature articles on you, the artist, and for those of us looking for inspiration. Whether it is through an interview, a case study or simply to display some of your outstanding work, you will be in the Spotlight!

  • Jean-Pierre Hurel is a 3D visual artist. Jean-Pierre started working with SketchUp back in early 2008 and since then, successfully incorporated it into his daily creative workflow. His art has been described as imaginative, wild, crazy, cubist and even surreal.

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  • Alan Hook This week in our spotlight section we are privileged to host an interview with Alan Hook, production designer and art director in the film and television industry. He exclusively designs sets in Google SketchUp and his work covers Production Design, Art Direction, Set Design and Graphic Design…

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  • Lewis Wadsworth is a designer and artist located in Boston, Massachusetts who works principally in the field of architecture. Lewis’ architectural projects have appeared in AIArchitect, the journal of the American Institute of Architects, and have been honored by the Boston Society of Architects. Being  great fans of his “Experimental Architecture”, his unique presentation style and narrative we decided to present his three chosen works in their original form. We think that the images and the accompanying text are truly inspirational.

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  • Ken Nguyen – SketchUp Art: in the online game industry We managed to arrange an interview with Ken Nguyen this week. Ken, a professional designer and conceptual artist, gives us some insite into his professional background, work and especially his use of SketchUp art in online gaming.
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  • Robh Ruppel works in Art Direction and Visual Development at Naughty Dog based in Santa Monica, California. Robh is a highly skilled, 2D/3D professional with many years experience in using digital and traditional media. Robh worked as Art Director and Production Designer for Disney Feature Animation for nearly 12 years. We are honored to present some of his work.
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  • Jim Leggitt FAIA, is an architect, urban planner, and professional illustrator and has been practicing for over thirty-five years in Denver, Colorado.  He has conducted drawing seminars and workshops at AIA National Conventions, AIA regional and local conferences, universities, architectural firms and for allied design professionals throughout the country and Canada for many years. Jim has presented at the SketchUp 3D Basecamps.
Jim Leggitt Spotlight
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  • Alex Jenyon is a freelance matte painter and concept artist in the visual effects industry based in London. He is hired to design and produce concept paintings and matte painted backgrounds for commercials, TV shows and feature movies.
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  • Snoopywang’s style is instantly recognizable when you see it. His bold artistic style with both exterior and interior 3D models is quite unique. His ease of use with Piranesi and Google SketchUp shows many years of patience and practice, which has made him stand out from the rest.
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  • Tina Stiles-Bryant “Art is not about the tools used to create it,” Tina begins… “it is about the vision, message, and emotion the artist is trying to convey.” Digital art is much like any other artform, it’s just created using different tools than traditional art. Tina’s secret to success lies not only in her vision and interpretation, but in her mastery of the complex software and processes involved in creating effective, aesthetically pleasing digital artwork.
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  1. Giorgio D'Albano on June 15th, 2017 3:57 pm

    Dear team of Sketchup Artists,
    I would love just to submit to you my recent work realised in the biggest part with sketchup. Hope you are interested on it!



  2. admin on June 21st, 2017 1:35 pm

    Hi Giorgio
    You can begin showing your work over at our Facebook page here:
    Any problems let us know.

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