SketchUpArtists has been created and developed for the benefit of all SketchUp users and CG artists. It is a leading data base of information and tutorials dealing with different aspects of  post-processing and much of the 3rd party software associated with this process.

As many know, SketchUp is an excellent 3D modeling application designed for architects, civil engineers,  filmmakers, game developers and related professions. We feature high-quality tutorials from some of the most highly respected international designers, digital artists and professionals who work with SketchUp. We also include articles that cover an array of topics to keep you informed and inspired.

We have also created SketchUpArtists to showcase the creative potential of SketchUp and it’s users. They demonstrate its various uses, portraying the best creative work and showing how it is possible, with only a little additional effort by adopting clever and original styles and techniques to achieve a predictable range of fascinating and astonishing results. We have included NPR techniques and amazing photo-real renderings, covering every phase of the presentation process.

We hope you will spend some time with us and enjoy SketchUpArtists and hopefully learn new skills and inspirational ideas which you can use in your own projects of the future.

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James and Mateo

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