Pepe from 3D Warehouse


Here at SketchUpArtists we are delighted to present the work of Pepe from the 3D Warehouse. His choice of models and especially his amazing application of textures and photo matching has left us speechless. Here is a sample of some of his work. These great models and much more are all available for download at 3D Warehouse.

Hame Castle Part A

A medieval royal castle on the shore of Lake Vanajavesi in Hameenlinna city. This file (part A) contains the main castle, the cannon tower and the lakeside section of the outer wall.


Hame Castle

Bates’ Motel

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller, Psycho (1960) and its sequels, were filmed at the set located in Universal Studios, Hollywood, California. Now you can step into the scenery and, like the original first film, it is black-and-white. Although the house, motel and stairs in this model should be on their actual present places and in approximate scale, some of the details and textures are a mix of fictional and its former appearance; specially the interior views which have been modified because of the functionality. WARNING!: Contains some of the main scenes from the film. (Trees in model: SetTree3D).


Bates Motel

Hame Castle Part B

Medieval royal castle on the shores of Lake Vanajavesi in Hameenlinna city. This file (part B) contains Crown bakery, office building and the gate to the outer courtyard.


Hame Castle Part B

Young Willow

Young willow as a bush and older white willow. Scaling sizes: Willow up to 5m, white willow 13-20m. Be careful with scaling and rotating to avoid popping off the axis.


Young Willow

Hame Castle Part C
Medieval royal castle on the shore of Lake Vanajavesi in Hameenlinna city. This file (part C) contains Bailey buildings of the main castle.


Hame Castle Part C

Hameenlinna Railway Station

The first railway line in Finland was opened in 1862 between Helsinki and Hameenlinna. The current station in Hameenlinna was built after the destruction of the original station in 1918. The station was drawn by architect Thure Hellstrom and it was completed in 1921. (Trees in model: “SetTree3D”, Taxi from “Google Sedan Store”). See also these beautiful 3D models: “Helsinki Central Railway Station” by Ilesoft and “The Railway Station of Hyvinkaa” by RSuonio.


Hameenlinna Railway Station

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