This week we are focusing on a well known artist in the field of digital watercolor. Snoopywang’s style is instantly recognisable when you see it.His bold artistic style with both exterior and interior 3D models is quite unique. His ease of use with Piranesi and Google SketchUp shows many years of patience and practice, which has made him stand out from the rest.  Wang himself states ‘Piranesi is more like an electronic pen and don’t expect it to do so many things automatically’.He states that ‘Piranesi is not a software but a tool, and in your hands it’s the marker pen and the watercolor pen’. He has also a few interesting Piranesi tutorials which we will be adding to our tutorials section soon.

Recent Work

Recent Work

Marker Pen and Watercolor

Marker Pen Watercolor

Watercolor (delicate strokes)

Watercolor Delicate Stroke

Interior Watercolor

Interior Watercolor Delicate Strokes



Don’t forget to check out Wang’s tutorials here at SketchUpArtists:

One Response to “Snoopywang”

  1. unrealviz on September 19th, 2012 8:39 pm

    Great, I really like this guy’s works. I’ll have to try Piranesi myself. It’s a pain, that here in Poland NPR style is something nearly completely out of client’s interest. I wonder if it is going to change – which I would love to see, as I’m an NPR artist myself. We are still trapped in photorealistic renderings world, which usually are very dull. Cheers to all sketchup fans!

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