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IRender nXt Plugin for SketchUp

Use Auto Reflection for Materials

There are quite a few very useful features in IRender nXt with advantages that aren’t necessarily obvious. One such feature is “Auto-Reflection”. Auto-Reflection uses material name pattern matching to preset reflection intensity and sharpness. Many of the materials in the SketchUp library are included in the standard list. This option uses preset reflection values for materials. Just turn on Auto Reflections and render your model.


SketchUp Material Assignments

Below is a simple model with SketchUp materials.


Model and materials

First Rendering

When rendered, the materials from the SketchUp library do not have reflection values set.


Image was processed with Auto-Reflection set to “Off”

Turn Auto Reflection ON

  1. Click Styles on the IRender nXt Setup Options dialog
  2. Check Use Auto Reflections
  3. Start a rendering

Setup options

Auto Reflection uses the material name to set reflection values. Just turn Auto Reflection on and render!


Final render with Auto Reflection on


Thanks for reading!

Russell Houlden

If you would like to discover more about using the IRender nXt plugin for SketchUp visit their homepage here.


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Got something to say?