V-Ray for SketchUp Textbook

Just released is the new V-Ray for SketchUp  Ebook by Moshe Shemesh, architect, CG artist and V-Ray licensed instructor. Get ready for a packed 400+ page Ebook, high-end rendering, awesome exercises, and many assets and sources that will equip you with the design and creation process. Wonderfully illustrated and laid out in an easy to follow lessons, it will prepare you for your journey into creating photo-realistic renders using the latest version of V-Ray and SketchUp.

Learn how to create stunning 3d artwork by gaining knowledge with the most powerful rendering engine out there. V-Ray is the best rendering engine for SketchUp, but in order to really know
how to perform impressive renderings, it is better to learn and gain knowledge. This book offers you fast and efficient skill-building techniques, enabling you to achieve awesome renderings and is suitable for both newbies and more experienced CG artist and designers.

The Ebook contains seven packed chapters including:


Chapter One: Getting Started

Chapter Two: Composition and Photography

Chapter Three: Illuminate the Scene

Chapter Four: Materials

Chapter Five: Advanced Geometric Elements

Chapter Six: Finalize and Post-Production

Samples interior pages:

Sample Image 1

Sample Image 2

Sample Image 3

Sample Image 4

For those of you wanting to master professional rendering with V-Ray for SketchUp, this is a must read for you and it comes with a 5* rating!

V-Ray for SketchUp Ebook is out now!  Get your copy here 

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