SketchUp and Layout for Architecture by Nick Sonder & Matt Donley


We just got our hands on a copy of Nick Sonders and Matt Donley’s latest release SketchUp & Layout for Architecture. This is culmination of over a years hard work for these guys. Their teamwork and years of experience has resulted in a really incredible learning resource. This publication puts the power of SketchUp and Layout into your projects and designs.

You will benefit from full color illustrations that mirror exactly what you will see on your SketchUp screen. Purchasing this book will make you wave goodbye to AutoCAD. This was well worth the wait..

Nick Sonder produces, what we consider to be, the best drawings in Layout we have ever seen.  The main goal of the book was maintaining the simplicity of SketchUp and Layout. The book focuses on the use of native SketchUp and Layout with minimal plugins, so that the end user can customize their use of plugins to meet their own personal needs.


Example drawing

The book covers the entire workflow, step by step, to show you that it is actually possible to use SketchUp and LayOut to design at a level of detail and simplicity not easily achievable in traditional CAD software. It covers every aspect in great detail of the entire construction documentation process, including a complete template system so you can start your workflow immediately. Just customize the title block to match your company information and begin your project.


Ready to use templates

You get 5 SketchUp templates, which include; Building Model Template, Site Model Template, Reflected Ceiling Plan Template , Sections Template and Interior Elevations Template. Additionally you get 16 Layout templates and 23 sample files to work with. There are sections on Workflow, Schematic Design, Design Development and Documentation, covering all your construction documents and the processes involved in it.

All of the projects photographed below were designed and documented using the exact workflow and templates included in this book. These models were rendered using LumenRT .


Rendered image 1


Rendered image 2


Rendered image 3


Rendered image 4

Architects and designers want to maximise their time designing rather than spending endless hours producing documentation to convey their design. This book will enable you to do this in a organized simple manner, with all the resources you need, helping you achieve this goal with a minimal amount of fuss.

To find out more and obtain your copy with all the resources you need to get started straight away please click on the image below.


Find the book and resources here!




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