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Watercolor Tint Photoshop Action « Photoshop Files « Downloads

Date postedJuly 15, 2010
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Photoshop action for the tutorial ‘Digital Watercolor Technique’ by Ecuadorian in our Techniques section.
BMC PhotoArt Watercolor Tint Action:
The BMC PhotoArt Watercolor Tint Action is intended to serve as a simulated watercolor tinted drawing solution for most of your photographs. Experiment with some of the parameters to achieve your desired results.

Photo Image Attributes:
In order to optain the optimum watercolor tinted drawing effect, the photo image size must have a resolution around 5.5 megapixels (example: 16″ x 22″ at 72dpi).

Watercolor Tint Action Installation:
There are several ways of installing Photoshop actions. The default step-by-step that will work with all Photoshop versions and operation systems (PC and MAC) is the following:

Open your Photoshop application and go to the Actions palette.
On the top right of the palette, click on the little triangle (delta) and from the menu choose ÒLoad Actions…Ó.

Find where you uncompressed the ÒBMCPhotoArtWatercolorTint.atn” file and click on load.

Open the Photoshop file you want to apply the effect to. In the Actions palette, find the set BMCPhotoArtWatercolorTint action you loaded and open its subsets. Press play.

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