Here at SketchUpArtists we have always been fascinated by the experimental use of SketchUp alone or in combination with other different Applications in developing unique and vizually attractive techniques and styles of presentation. We have witnessed some great artistic styles and techniques that have evolved over time and here we will be presenting some of them with all credit given to their original and rightful authors, with links to their work.


As an example, one of the most popular and widely used presentation technique was developed by Dennis Nikolaev at the former and now redundant SketchUp @Last Forums. The secret here lies in exporting three different image outputs from SketchUp and overlaying and manipulating them in Photoshop. Over time, there has been many many variations that have developed out of this original style. Here are some of those original the images created by Dennis.

There is a direct link to that original PDF tutorial and also there are many more great techniques to discover in our Techniques Section.

Another great way to enhance your final presentation is with the use of a special feature in SketchUp called Styles. Styles are collections of display settings, including options like Watermarks and Sketchy Effects, saved in the new Styles palette. You can also use Style Builder to create custom non-photo realistic (NPR) Styles for SketchUp. NPR Styles can make your models appear hand-rendered, super-technical, and everything in between. You can create, save, and organize Styles as well as share Styles with others.

Here is a slide show to help you visualize  different Styles applied to the same model.  Most of the Styles  presented here are winning Styles from a SketchUp Style Builder Competition some time ago, so if you are using SketchUp you already have them installed inside your Styles folder.

There are more styles and links to them in our Styles Section .

If you have yourself created created some unusual styles  or techniques and would like to share them with the community we certainly would like to hear from you.


A while back we figured it would be fun to start a new category in our presentation series called “Design”. We decided to kick off  with  car design where we will focus on some of the very best tutorials and presentations out there.

At first glance you may think what has this got to do with SketchUp ? Since we at SketchUpArtists are primarily focused on presentations and post-process work rather than on modeling itself we thought that the following  post process tutorials created by some of the best artists and designers in the industry would be a valuable resource for all your professional post process work, regardless if you use SketchUp, draw by hand or use a combination of  different techniques.

With the help of these great tutorials, some imagination and a little practice we believe that you will be able to create great and unique personal styles of your own , or as Allan Macdonald rightly put it:  “these tutorials aim  to inspire… not to instruct!. Read more and see the tutorials in the Design Area.

In our following articles we hope to cover Architecture, graphic, product and in fact any other type of professional design presentations out there.


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