Twinmotion 2023 – Adding Imperfections to Your Car Paint

Had a little time recently to experiment with an easy to make car paint material and add imperfections, scratches etc.. to add a little more fine detail to my car model renders, especially paintwork and chrome wheels. It’s a really quick process if you want to add fine details to your 3D models. Twinmotion 2023 has its own native car paint materials now, with lot’s of new parameters, and very good indeed. This method is for making your own imperfections with marks and scratches etc. 

With this method it’s important to use a plain color material and not something with a texture in it. Twinmotion’s native plastic material, its pink , for example is a good place to start. You can change the color easily then to whatever you like. We then have to scale our material up or down to get the desired effect. Being a plain colored material nothing will change when scaling up or down only the size of the imperfection we added will change in size. If we used something with a pattern in it, and then scaled it, it would obviously distort and resize the pattern of the material.

I tried a few imperfections from Quixel Megascans. You only need to download the Roughness map. You then apply it to the Roughness channel of your material and adjusted the scale until it looks reasonably ok, size wise, and to the extent where you can see it in the light.

Step 1.

Apply Twinmotion’s native Glossy Plastic Material and Adjust Color

Step 2.

With Color Adjusted Click on more Under Roughness

Step 3.

Next Click on Your Image File and Then Open to Add New Image

Step 4.

Go to Where You Downloaded Imperfection and Open It

Step 5.

Adjust Scale to Improve Look of Imperfection. You can Click more Under Scale for Further Adjustments if Needed

Final Image

Final Image After Adjustments and Color Change

Image of Exhaust Metal Using Same Process

Click on Image

Experiment with different Imperfections as some will work better than others. Hope you found this useful and that it may help in your future projects. Thanks for reading.

James Hannigan (aka SketchUpArtists)

More of my work here at Artstation and Twinmotion Official Community Group.



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Got something to say?