Latest 3D competition from SketchUp Texture Announced!

21st February 2014 @ 11.39am

Another great subject and 3D challenge! A floating pavilion within the trees, its been described as, with unassuming but direct paths into the dramatic glass entryway…..excellent.
This will be a great way to show off your creativity. These 3D challenges not only help you to develop and prove your skills among other like minded creatives, but they also give you the self confidence that your ideas are worthy. Joining these render competitions is a great idea for all modelers,graphic designers, especially new students and 3D designers. This shows their ability to create unique ideas and concepts thus competing with the ideas of others.

Some important benefits you are likely to gain:
• Ability to judge your own talent
• Join the competitions challenge
• Getting featured as a winner on the competition’s website
• Getting credibility as a winning render master

And of course a unique, extremely rare (I don’t even possess one) SketchUpArtists challenge winning T-Shirt from us here at and a big thanks to Rosanna Mataloni and the team for such another wonderful 3D challenge. Click on the image below to see competition details….
Good Luck!

The New Canaan Residence by Specht Harpman Architects


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Got something to say?